Rufus Download

The best application to create a bootable USB

Rufus Windows 10

Rufus Download is a very simple program developed to create bootable USB pen drives, memory cards, and USB keys very easily. Windows is the major OS which is compatible with Rufus Downloads. So you can use this simple bootable program Rufus Windows 10 as well as lowers versions of Windows. Also, you can use this program on both 32 and 64-bit devices. Well, this is the easiest way to create bootable USB devices so quickly without any hesitation.

Major uses of Rufus Windows 10 and other versions

  • Work on systems that don’t install an Operating System
  • Create bootable USB flash drives
  • Create a Bios or other firmware on DOS

Rufus Windows 10

How to use Rufus Windows 10

First upon you must download the Rufus software into your devices. So just follow the below steps to complete bootable your USB.

  • Step 1: - Connect your empty USB devices to your computer
  • Step 2: - Download the Rufus Windows 10 compatible version
  • Step 3: - Now continue and accept the downloaded file. (You must accept the file because of your anti-virus software might detect this file as an infected application. The reason is this Rufus is downloading as an Apk file.)
  • Step 4: - Now it will ask or update Rufus policy. But don’t accept the update, it is an unnecessary thing. So it’s better to skip.

Now let’s use the Rufus Windows 10

Step 1: - Launch the Application

The application will automatically launch right after you reject the update. And also you can launch the app by clicking on the icon that created after installation.

Step 2: - Select USB Drive

The app will select the USB drive automatically. If it didn’t you can select the USB drive manually.

Step 3: - Choose a disc and select the setting to start the process

Now you can click on the disc to select the OS file that you want to create USB bootable. This may take several minutes.