Rufus Download

The best application to create a bootable USB

Rufus Download for Windows

Rufus or Reliable USB Formatting Utility is one of the easiest methods to create bootable USB Drives. This is a very simple application which is originally released for Windows. Therefore you can easily make Rufus Download for Windows PCs.

What does mean by USB bootable

Well, basically USB Boot is a method that using a USB flash drive or other USB storage devices to boot or start an Operating System on a computer. This will help you to install Windows using USB flash drive instead of Windows installation CD.

So when we come to the topic the Rufus Download for Windows, this will be the best USB bootable application for you. Because this is a very small and simple application to create a bootable device so quickly.

rufus download for windows

Other uses of Rufus Download for Windows

  • Process a system that didn’t install any Operating System
  • Flash a Bios or other firmware from Dos
  • Run a low-level utility

Specifications of Rufus Download

  • Create bootable any USB Drive such as pen drive, flash drive, memory cards etc.
  • Very light application
  • Portable and very speed bootable app
  • Compatible with other major OS such as Linux, Mac OS

Requirements for Rufus Download for Windows

  • 1GB Ram/ 2GB Ram for 64 bit version
  • An empty USB drive/ 8GB for 64 bit version

Let’s create a bootable USB drive with Rufus Download for Windows

  • Just connect the USB drive to your computer and download the Rufus Download application to your PC
  • Then launch the Rufus app just after complete the download. And it will automatically connect with the USB drive
  • When it connects with the USB drive, Rufus will automatically set up the required settings. And after that, you need to click the OK button to start the process
  • Then you can see a warning message, which is “All the data on the USB device will be destroyed”. Now you must click the OK button for proceeding. This may take several minutes.
  • After it completes, the copying files into the USB drive make sure to re-check your bootable device to confirm boot.
  • Now you can remove the USB device and use it to install the OS on your device