Rufus Download

The best application to create a bootable USB

Rufus Download for Linux

Rufus Download is a very common USB bootable application which was originally released for Windows Operating System. This can create bootable any USB pen drive, flash drive and memory cards on Windows. But when it released the latest version, it was available for Rufus Download for Linux and other OS too.

Well, when we come to the booting scenario, Rufus Download is one of the best booting apps available for free at the moment. And the best thing is you have the ability to use the USB drive for flash BIOS, firmware and run low-level utilities in addition to boot. Furthermore, it gives you some advanced options such as changing cluster size, partition scheme as well as file size.

rufus download for linux

Let’s start Rufus Download for Linux

Your first task is to download the Rufus Download application for your devices. So you can easily download through the official Rufus Download website. Then you can download the Linux Operating System that you want to install on your device. Now let’s start the booting process using Rufus Download for Linux.

Important: -

  • Make sure to use at least 4GB USB drive and 8BG drive for Linux and Windows 10 installations.
  • And also use an empty USB drive as well.

Follow these steps to process the Rufus Download for Linux

  • Now connect USB device into your computer and launch the Rufus Download app by clicking on the file to start the process. And it will automatically detect your USB device.
  • Now click on the CDROM icon on the list that showed up your display and starts button as well.
  • Then the File Explorer file will pop up on the display. At now you need to find out the Linux OS file that you have downloaded before. Now click on it to open the file and start button as well for head to the next step.
  • After that, you must accept all the messages until finish the copying process. And it will show a “Ready” notice after completing the boot.
  • So this means your USB drive is ready to use for boot by Rufus Download for Linux operating system.