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What Is Rufus Download?

Do you know what Rufus download is? Before that let me ask you a question, have you ever faced an issue when you need a bootable USB drive and you are unable to do that? I am sure you might have tried several ways and failed and given up trying. But now you do not have to worry. Rufus free download is developed and released just for you. And to make sure you get the best experience they do not stop upgrading and fixing issues too.

Let us explain you everything in details. Please stay tuned with us and keep reading to know more valuable information.

rufus download

Features Of Rufus Download

If you ever wonder what Rufus portable offers you let us start from scratch.

Easy creation of a bootable USB

Rufus Download will provide you a platform to format and create bootable USB drives. For this, you can use any portable drive such as pen drive, flash drive, memory cards etc.

Small in size

Rufus 3.3 download and Rufus 3.4 download are the current releases. Both versions are only 916 KB in size. So you can easily download and create a USB bootable drive quickly

Portable and quick

You can now create a quick bootable device with minimal clicks. You only need to format and clear the USB you are using and run the Rufus portable application.

Available for other platforms

Rufus free download is now available for other platforms too. It is also a significant feature. Rufus for linux, Rufus windows 10,Rufus old version and without Rufus for mac is now easily accessible. And without any issue, you can install using the apk as well.

Why Should You Use Rufus Download? Is It That Special?

This is a question you should research on. But let us give you all the valid reasons why should you use Rufus download. Let us look into them one by one in details.

In early days we use CDs to install the operating system to the computer. And we couldn’t use one cd for multiple boots. But with Rufus free download you can easily make your device bootable for multiple OS.

And also if you have a windows device you can surely use the Rufus windows 10 version. And you can use the Rufus for Linux if you are a Linux user. Even though Rufus for mac has not been released yet. You can expect it soon.

Rufus download is also specialized because you can use any device, such as flash drive, memory card pen drive as the bootable device. Because of that, it is very user-friendly to handle.

The small application size will save our internet charges as well as time. You do not have to wait for a longer period to download. It will download soon, and you can easily install and create a bootable USB within seconds. Using nothing but the best bootable application so far, Rufus download.

In the technical aspect, this application will Enable you to run a utility at a very low-level. And also it will Enable via bootable ISOs including UEFI, windows, Linux etc. to make USB installation media. Furthermore, you can use a flash firmware like BIOS from DOS Operating system directly.

How To Rufus Download?

Using Rufus portable version is pretty much easy. You can use either Rufus 3.3 download, Rufus 3.4 download and make your drive bootable. Let us explain you the step by step process on how to use this amazing Rufus download application Follow the instructions to create your USB bootable.

Step 1 : Connect the USB device to your computer

The USB drive can be a flash drive, a memory card or a pen drive. It is better to take a back up of your existing data in the drive. Because this Rufus free download application will format the USB drive before making it a bootable drive.

Step 2 : Download the Rufus Download Application

You can download the latest version which is Rufus 3.3 download, or version 3.4, or you can download Rufus for linux, windows or even the Rufus old version as your requirement.

Step 3 : Continue and accept the downloaded file

This is a necessary step because your computer anti-virus software or the defender will identify as an infected application. Because we are downloading an apk file. But do not worry. You can accept and continue the file.

Step 4 : Click “No” to update the Rufus update policy

Accepting is an unnecessary step. It is better to skip it.

How To Use Rufus Download?

Rufus download application is really user friendly and easy to use. You can do as follows to use the application.

Launch the application

The application will start as soon as you click No to update. Or you can launch the application by clicking the icon created after installing.

Select the USB drive

The application will select the USB drive automatically. If not manually select the relevant USB drive from the dropdown to continue.

Fill the necessary options and click on the Disk icon and select the file

You can click the disk icon to select the necessary OS file which needs to create the USB bootable. Click okay and continue. Wait till the drive is bootable.

Check the USB drive and use it

Open the usb drive to check if all the files are copied. And Now you can use the USB drive as a completely bootable device anytime.

See The Screenshot Guide

Insert an USB drive and open the Rufus

rufus download

If you insert more than one USBs, select one

rufus download

Click select to open disc or iso file

rufus download

This is Windows disc image file

rufus download

Select disc image file

rufus download

Open disc image file

rufus download

Choose the file system you need or leave it default

rufus download

Choose the cluster size or leave it default

rufus download

Then click start

rufus download

Say ok too

rufus download

The process is ongoing

rufus download

The USB artive is reday to use as a bootable USB drive

rufus download

Availability For Other Operating Systems

Rufus download is available for windows and linux operating systems. You can easily search as “ Rufus for windows”, “Rufus for windows 10” or “Rufus for linux”. But the “ Rufus for mac” is not yet available. We can expect it really soon. But other than that, you can create a bootable device by installing this application to windows os or linux.

System Requirements Of Rufus Download

Windows XP or later, 32 or 64 bit is what you need to access the Rufus free download application.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rufus Download

Q. Will this harm my USB drive?

No, absolutely not, It is better to back up the data of the drive since it formats the device. But your device can be used as a bootable drive without no issue.

Q. Is this available for Rufus for mac?

Unfortunately, no. It is still in the process, but we can cross our fingers hoping that they will release it soon.

Q. Is this application free? Or do we need to purchase?

This application is without a doubt totally free and you can use it anytime you need. You do not have any trial period too.


Rufus download is the best application so far which is created to make a bootable device really quickly. The application size is tiny and you can easily create it within a few minutes. You can use any device such as flash drive, memory card or a pen drive to make a bootable USB.

And also you can create multiple bootable options using this tool. And most importantly this application is totally free and available to many platforms.

So do not think twice. If you are in a hurry to make a bootable drive, or if you have any issue with creating a bootable drive. This is the best recommendation we give to you. Hurry up now and use this amazing tool to enjoy the quick and a reliable Bootable USB within minutes. Download Rufus now for creating bootable USB drives

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